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Hello everyone! :wave:

I'm really happy with the progress on the group but I'm not happy with one thing...
Some member's keep posting in the wrong folders AGAIN. I'm not happy the I have to keep moving artwork out of the "Alice Madness Returns" folder. It just shows that you're lazy and cannot be bothered to put your work in the right folder! So please post in the correct folder.

I'm also really sorry that I haven't been active in the group but I have been checking it now and then. -Claire-Kaede03
Ever played a game called Prey? An incredibly weird, wonderful & freaky shooter in which you play a cherokee indian that gets abducted by aliens. You end up on a giant spacecraft known as the sphere. Pretty soon you're tearing stuff up with partially living guns & cherokee powers like having your spirit walk outside your own body... Armed with a bow. Weird monsters, an insane level of detail & an awesome story.

If you didn't hear about it, there was a sequel being developed. It was coming along very nicely too.
I reckon you should see this trailer:…
Looks awesome, doesn't it? Of course, a lot of pre-rendered CGI counts for squat. Not much reason to get excited until you see actual gameplay. So how 'bout this:…
You might agree this is a rare occasion of a CG trailer being pretty faithful to gameplay, no? Unfortunately, this game was cancelled sometime last year since Bethesda claimed "It wasn't living up to their expectations". To go all conpiracy theorist on you for a moment, I feel there might be an untold complication with Valve & Preys somewhat troubled history. I've explained some of it properly here:…
Regardless, this is a dick move from Bethesda & a stupid one at that.

There might be some hope for it yet, though. A petition that can be found here:
It might not be much, but it's something. Frankly, these people have gone to some lengths putting this together. Very nicely done & Bethesda even needed to state they didn't make the site due to its authenticity.
You already know what I'm asking. If you think this would be worth your time, please check out the petition site (Aliennoire) or even sign it. I'm saying all this for one obvious reason; I really want this game to come out. Maybe you do as well, hopefully :)

That is all.
Hello everyone~ :rose:

It's starting to piss me off having to sort out the folders all the time because people are to lazy to look for the correct folders.

If this happens again I will give you a warning and if you do not listen I will block you. Simple.

Kaede- :blackrose:
I am making a survey about video games...

Please help me by answering this survey I made...…

I'll really appreciate your help, thank you!!

P.S. this is for one of my subjects, again thank you!!

Well, Well I was going through the groups folder when I saw aload of pictures in the wrong folders >_<
Most picture are going in the "Alice Madness Returns" folder and I know we have loads of folder but please submit into the right folder next time~!

Kaede :rose:

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